Smart Cities Week will again showcase the best from the public sector on all things ‘technology and data for impact’.

The City Encounters series involves case study presentations that share the challenge, the solution, the outcomes and the lessons learned. This session is being facilitated on Tuesday 8th September 2020.

Case studies will showcase three key themes: Sensing, Continuity and Impact. These are further explained as:

Sensing - The use of sensors, devices and other data collection approaches being used by cities to understand what is happening in the city and why it matters. This will feature the best in city 'sensing’.


Continuity - COVID-19 has and continues to test our continuity. How you stayed connected, your data storage solutions, resilience strategy and best practice cyber security will be on show. This will feature the best 'continuity' approaches by cities who transitioned their staff to work from home, redeployment and maintaining asset operation, among other challenges.


Impact - The data analytics, insights, decision making and investments we made and continue to make in response to a sustained economic and social crisis. This will feature the best in smart cities action that can demonstrate a clear economic and social impact thanks to technology and data.