From live-streamed international keynotes to highly engaging collaborative project planning sessions with your peer cities - SCW Australia / New Zealand 2020 kept our networking real and knowledge sharing active.

The session types were diverse and included:

  • Special Editions - join us for 1hr discussions with national and international leaders to tackle a topic of emerging interest to shaping better cities.

  • Data Dialogues - monthly deep dives into a 'data activation' topic, hosted by the Centre for Data Leadership.

  • Discovery Sessions - highly interactive and rapid discovery sessions. No speakers, just peers who are looking to share their ideas and views on an emerging smart cities topic.

  • Collaborative Project Engagement - multi-week online collaborative engagement project planning sessions using structured templates and modules in the SCC's Smart Cities Activator platform.

  • Plenary Sessions - just like a conference, but online. Strategic topics, leading speakers.

  • Virtual Policy Roundtables - small group discussions around critical smart cities policy issues.

  • City Encounters - sessions of 5x 12min case study presentations.

  • Future Cities Academy - online learning and assessment modules to guide you to obtaining a Smart Cities Council Accredited certificate.

  • Networking Day - A day-long structured networking session for the smart cities community, followed by celebratory dinner and half-day Cities Partnership Forum the following day.


Did you miss a session? You can access the recordings here or below.